The Memoirs Exhibition by Pesona presents a poignant exploration of personal narratives that emerge from the impact of the pandemic on Bali’s people and environment. As we traverse the challenges of this unprecedented time, it is crucial to observe and honor the mundane activities that often go unnoticed. Through this collective exhibition, Pesona aims to shed light on the resilience and creativity of individuals as they navigate these trying circumstances.


The pandemic has brought forth a new perspective, compelling us to reimagine our lives and find meaning in the seemingly ordinary. Memoirs encapsulates this transformative journey, showcasing the profound introspection, vulnerability, and resilience that arise from personal stories. As we delve into the intricate details of these memoirs, we gain a deeper understanding of how the pandemic has affected Bali, both socially and environmentally.


Artists within the Pesona collective have deftly unraveled their experiences through a diverse range of mediums, allowing us to connect with their narratives on a profound level. By capturing everyday moments that have been altered by the pandemic, they inspire us to contemplate our own lives and reflect on the collective challenges we face.


Memoirs is a call for empathy, encouraging viewers to explore the personal journeys within each piece and establish a connection with 

those facing similar circumstances. 

As we navigate our own unique experiences during this time, we come together in our collective vulnerability, finding solace and strength in shared narratives.


Pesona strives to create a space that reflects the essence of Balinese culture while fostering collaboration and redefining boundaries in contemporary art. Through Memoirs, the collective amplifies the voices and experiences that emanate from Bali, creating a platform for artists to inspire positive change and shape a brighter future.


By offering an authentic and respectful representation of Balinese culture, Pesona invites viewers to engage in introspective storytelling that is laced with vulnerability and resilience. Each memoir showcased embodies the interconnectedness of our experiences, illuminating the transformative power that lies within storytelling.


Memoirs transcends personal narratives and expands into universal truths, addressing pressing societal contexts with compassion and hope. Through their memoirs, artists challenge the norms, ignite conversations, and inspire a collective awakening, while also fostering empathy and understanding.


As we collectively journey through the pandemic, the Memoirs Exhibition serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the power of creative expression. It invites us to observe and contemplate the experiences of others, creating a space for introspection and connection. By embracing vulnerability and resilience, Memoirs paves the way for a brighter future, where art acts as a catalyst for positive change.


In this exhibition, Pesona aims to create an immersive experience, where viewers can engage with the personal stories, empathize with the struggles and triumphs, and ultimately find inspiration to forge a better tomorrow. Memoirs offers a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives, nurturing a renewed sense of purpose and providing a pathway towards collective growth and understanding.


As we navigate these uncertain times, Memoirs stands as a testament to the power of art and storytelling in sparking transformation and resilience. Through careful curation and introspective narratives, Pesona invites viewers to join in the journey of reimagining, awakening, and embracing the potential for a brighter future.

Armin Septiexan / Chris Bunjamin / Kemal Yusuf Muhammad Fadli / Nadia Razak / Nyimas Laula / Putu Hrisikesa / Putu Sayoga / Sharon Angelia / Tommaso Riva / Vicky Tanzil / Weda Sattya / Yohan Liliyani / Zissou


Audio Visual Installation by Obscura Signal

30 September – 16 October 2023

4PM – Late

at Titik Dua Ubud


Paras / Arsip Bali 1928 – Marlowe Bandem & Dr. Edward Herbst Cahyati Press / AJAR / Paddygrooves Radio / Precious Bloom Kocokan Sad Ripu

Curated by Krisna Sudharma

Partner & Sponsor